How many times have you downloaded the same time series data to backtest a trading strategy? If you’re like silly old me – too many times…or at least enough times to write about it!

You might say that most APIs like yfinance are fast and easy to use so it’s no biggie. Granted, that is mostly the case. …

Consider this…You’ve just developed an awesome web app with Python and you want to share it with your colleagues. How should you go about it? What are your options?

Ideally you’d deploy your app on a cloud service (AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, etc.) and simply direct potential users to a url. No fuss, no muss. But not always will you want your precious projects in the public domain. Or perhaps you don’t want to pay for the hosting service…

Matt Doyle

Curious programmer. Experienced in financial markets. Fan of a good dashboard!

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